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Virtual Reality Machine Training was formed in 2018 by co-owners Tony Pawinski and Mark Henshaw to supply the glass bottle manufacturing industry with a unique software tool to help improve training without any effect on production whilst working in a safe environment.

Work started in 2016 after the reaction of delegates to a previous VR endeavour that was shown at the Glasstec event. From then we began building an Individual Section machine in the virtual world. This software would eventually become the centre of the whole VRMT business.

In 2017, we collaborated with a local glass manufacturer in South Yorkshire to help refine the application and test the functionality with multiple users. The feedback was invaluable and the application then really started to take shape.

After continual development and bringing on further programming knowledge we brought our latest version to the 2018 Glasstec event. Here we unveiled our application to the industry and it was met with tremendous enthusiasm from many glass bottle manufacturers.

We now proudly supply multiple glass manufacturing businesses with our unique VR application and are continually adding and improving features.

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    “We have been working closely with VRMT for several months to develop the program, which is the first of its kind to be used by a glass manufacturer anywhere in the world, Trying to learn the glass forming process from a book, or even on the shop floor, is difficult because the trainee cannot see exactly what is happening, so it takes quite a while to grasp. Because the virtual machine is highly visual the trainee becomes immersed in the program –rather like when you’re engrossed in a good movie – and it becomes easier to recall what has happened”

    Trevor Phillips – Production and Engineering Director at Beatson Clark

    “As someone with no previous knowledge of the glass-making process I found the VR training to be an excellent way of learning. It is now one week since my training and I am surprised how much I can still recall!”

    Karen Scholey – Buyer at Beatson Clark

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