VRMT On Tour
Thursday, 29th August 2019

Luke Baresh, Hot End Manager at our Knottingley site and Simon Stretton, Company Trainer, recently visited William Grants as part of a glass appreciation day to demonstrate the virtual operator system. The system, which is known as VRMT, is an IS machine in the virtual world, which allows Machine Operators to learn about the forming process in a safe and comfortable environment.

In total, 26 Grants employees took part in using the system with many more observing. The day was hugely beneficial for those Grants employees taking part, as it gave them an insight into bottle making, which most have not had the opportunity to experience before. It was also a great opportunity for people to ask questions they had about the glass process.

The VRMT will be used to assist in the training, coaching and mentoring of new and existing Machine Operators.

Thursday, 12th September 2019
Lambert’s Yard, Leeds

Attending our second annual Distillers Forum we were joined by key figures within the industry to discuss brand building, regulation, trends, distribution and social media.

The VRMT system was made available for forum attendees to venture into the world of glass manufacturing and machine operations. A total of 12 people participated and thoroughly enjoyed the realistic tour.

Thursday 26th September 2019
Knottingley Site

Twelve customers from Edrington, Diageo and Lock Lomond recently attended a two day Glass Appreciation course at our Knottingley site. The session was a mixture of presentations, VRMT and factory tour. The feedback received for the course was extremely positive and further visits will be arranged over the coming months


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