One of VRMT’s primary objectives from the start of our journey was to develop a system that can genuinley help to reduce travel for training in the glass industry and thus lower a companies Carbon usage. VRMT are pleased to announce our commitment to becoming carbon neutral and eventually, carbon positive by investing in the Loch Ness Forest project via Highand Carbon.

For every tonne of CO2 produced annually by VRMT in the course of our daily business, we are working with Highland Carbon to plant enough trees to sequester our annual CO2 usage. Although we accept that we only contribute a tiny amount compared to the global glass industry, our belief is that every bit helps. We are going further than addressing our own impacts.  We are also commited to becoming carbon positive by mitigating five tonne of CO2 for every VRMT system sold from October 2023. The purchasing company will be issued with a certifcate listing their companies help in VRMT’s ongoing efforts.

The woodland project in Loch Ness, Scotland doesn’t just plant trees, it has a much greater impact on the future environment, as Richard Clarke  the Managing Director of Highland Carbon states:

“The project is located uphill from the great Loch and in the immediate vicinity of Loch Mhor. The forest planting comprises a diverse range of native tree species including Caledonian Scots Pine, Sessile Oak, Hazel, Downy Birch, Rowan and Eared Willow. The estate is home to red grouse, black grouse, red deer, roe deer, sika deer and more. The project expands existing woodland on the estate. One of our aims is to expand habitat for red squirrels, pine martens and goldcrests. Rare species in the landscape also include Scottish wildcats, golden plover, dunlin, golden eagles (nesting sites), white-tailed eagles (feeding), ospreys (feeding), capercaillies, ptarmigan, otters and water voles.”

VRMT are proud to help the global drive to zero emmisions and thank our future customers to help us in our commtment to becoming carbon positive in the future.


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